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DFW Universal Depot
1150 E Rendon Crowley Rd.
Ft. Worth, Texas 76028
817 386-1805


Ingating of Shipping Containers:

Please call ahead and provide ETA, it helps knowing your arriving.

Outgating of Shipping Containers: 

Individuals who transport their own containers without a DOT approved chassis with locking system must be rated to handle the load (check weight specs), DOT requires strapping every 10 feet - up and over (20 footer requires 2 straps, 40 footer requires 4 straps) 

Loading is not free, a service fee applies.  Operator and/or Buyer assumes all risk for their equipment while within the depot yard.

Storage of your personal container:

We store containers for a monthly fee of $2.50 per foot long.  Please contact us for details.

Sales / Leasing

Phone     817 386-1800

Toll Free  800 459-7230

Outside Sales
254 733-8338

DFW Area
817 386-1804



NPSA - National Portable Storage Association 




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