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Texas Sales Tax Exempt?

Resale/Ag Cert

Who must pay Texas Sales Tax? 

All End User receiving goods within the State of Texas and this include Farm and Ranchers who use Sea Containers as a barn, portable building or storage. (Read Why) highlighted in yellow:

Texas Agricultural Exempts Sales Tax:

If goods or materials is used exclusively to Produce Agricultural Products for Sale then Ag Exemption may apply.  If the State of Texas has issued an Ag Certificate.

For verification, below links to the State of Texas website should help explan exemptions:

Guidelines to Texas Tax Exemptions (96-1045) Applications

FAQ: Texas Sales Tax .. Exemption Certificates/Exempt Organizations

Manufacturing Exemptons  Additional Information

Exemption Forms and Verifications:

If you qualify for exemption, you must provide the correct form:

1. Resale, Agricultural, Non-Profit, Government, Manufacturing

     Open Sales Tax Exempt form (PDF)


To check your Sales Tax number to see if it is correctly regisitered, use the following links.

 Link to verification  - Texas Sale Tax Status


Links to our W-9 Form & Sales Tax Certificate 

     W-9 Form      Texas Sales Tax Certificate




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