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Our History


Clayton D Paslay and Son Clayton David Paslay started SteelContainers.Net in 2007.

This was a by-product of expanding the father’s Mini Storage operation. Due to drainage problems on a parcel of land, it was designed to use 40’ shipping containers to span the water run-off areas.

While construction was underway, the son started selling and leasing container from the wholesale lot purchased by his father. This created the need to replace those lost units and develop a new business to handle the sales & Leasing. was available as a domain name, thus a DBA was filed as a joint venture between Father and Son using this domain name.


Sales / Leasing

Phone     817 386-1800

Toll Free  800 459-7230

Outside Sales
254 733-8338

DFW Area
817 386-1804



NPSA - National Portable Storage Association 




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